About Us




Information to decide with confidence

Our story starts with the premise that the human factor is critical in analyzing and acting on data intelligence. Where we come in is providing the right information at the right time for analysts that need powerful tools to make critical decisions. Whether analysts are in a mobile response unit or feet on the ground at a large event, we are there with them through desktop and mobile applications that make it easy to detect and mitigate a crisis.

Innovate to advance the state of the art

Haystax was founded with the mission to help customers solve challenges and reach a new level of awareness in critical situations. Our focus on real time actionable intelligence has led Haystax to develop cutting-edge technologies needed to deliver a frictionless user experience by distributing data to the key stakeholders and serving as the ultimate collaboration destination for teams – from small work groups to global networks.

Comprehensive customer centric approach

Our years in the field listening to customers tell us a lot about the process of threat monitoring and detection. It is not just about big data -– it’s about collaboration, collection, pushing out information to analysts in diverse environments. The analytic challenge is a complete value chain from initial collection to analysis and collaboration. Haystax was created to serve the value chain in a ways that are fast, connected and efficient for our customers.