U.S. News & World Report quotes Haystax Technology on School Safety

Allie Bidwell, an education policy reporter at U.S. News & World Report, interviewed John Boatman, director of school safety solutions in an article about the state of school safety. While many school districts still lack basic safety infrastructure, Haystax School Safety Center can help assess which school safety investments are most critical while also helping schools sift through copious amounts….

Center for Digital Education shows how schools can leverage Haystax Technology’s School Safety Center

Reporter Justine Brown in the Center for Digital Education writes about “4 Ways Schools Can Combat Digital Threats” and quotes John Boatman, director of School Safety Solutions for Haystax Technology. Center for Digital Education serves as a resource for the education market, researching K-12 and higher education technology trends and providing insight and information on technology issues to both education….

Terrorism Risk and Schools: Time to Take Note (Part II)

The February 2015 issue of School Safety Monthly zeroes in on a long-standing problem: the continued temptation among school safety stakeholders to ‘fight the last war’ by focusing their preparedness efforts and dedicating their budgets to countering one or two high-profile recent threats, rather than adopting a broader all-hazards approach that includes less likely but often higher-impact threats.

This argument has….

Terrorism Risk and Schools: Time to Take Note (Part I)

Evidence is mounting that schools around the world are an increasingly attractive target for terror groups: in April 2014, 276 female school children in Nigeria were abducted by the militant Islamist group Boko Haram; 132 school children were killed by Pakistani Taliban gunmen in Peshawar in December; and just last month Al-Shabaab militants killed 147 people at a college in….

CTOVision Lauds Haystax Technology’s Approach to Analytics and Cybersecurity

CTOVision editor and publisher, Bob Gourley, highlights Haystax Technology as a new kind of analytics and cybersecurity company.

“They are mature enough to have proven technologies, but new enough to create cutting edge products and deliver one-of-a kind services to their customers. Their solutions are used every day to enable and protect mission critical systems and by people to make informed….

Next-Gen Streaming Analytics and Cybersecurity

CEOCFO Magazine conducted an interview with Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet

“The issue in the past was getting access to information. The challenge now is that information sources are exploding every day, becoming larger and more frequent. The challenge is not in looking backward as much as dealing with information overload. How do you sort out the needle from the haystack and sort….


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Haystax Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of next-generation analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Haystax provides a full range of services and analytic products to protect and certify mission-critical information and real-time actionable intelligence for total enterprise protection.

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