Haystax Acquisition of NetCentrics Earns Top Recognition from Washington Technology

Washington Technology recently named Haystax’ acquisition of NetCentrics the best deal by a small business of 2014, saying the deal “brings cyber and network management solutions around big data analytics, cloud, and real-time threat assessment.” Clearly, they get the value proposition, and it’s great to have public validation for something we knew was the right move. Combining our resources with….

The Not So Hidden Value In Continual Real Time Enterprise Threat Management

Unfortunately the news today always features at least one story about some type of threat and invasion of a security system within a company, government, organization or entity. While many of these companies have some type of real time threat management program they rarely have a comprehensive approach to analysis and responding to threats.

A unified, comprehensive and complete real time….

Maximizing Public Safety By Protecting Our Communities With Advanced Analytics

While often cybersecurity and threat analysis online focuses on the corporate world and government agencies, protecting our communities with advanced analytics is perhaps a more important consideration. At Haystax we have experience in designing and deploying systems to constantly check and assess risk to public infrastructure to decrease the impact of major events and to strategically respond when a crisis occurs.


Haystax to Present at Fifth Annual Government Big Data Forum

McLean, VA., March 6, 2015 – Haystax Technology Inc., a developer of next-generation cyber and analytics solutions, announced today that it will be sponsoring and presenting at the Fifth Annual Government Big Data Forum on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

The forum, which brings together experts from government and industry to discuss….

Multi-Layered Defense for Mission Critical Cybersecurity

When our team at Haystax engages with an organization our first task is to analyze and assess the current network environment and security systems in place. For many of our customers, including major government agencies, their existing security doesn’t feature multi-layer cybersecurity options, instead it uses a traditional tools based approach.

While there is nothing wrong with using specific tools to….