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Proven expertise in enabling, protecting and supporting mission-critical enterprise systems

Haystax NetCentrics helps architect and implement secure and reliable enterprise networks solutions. Our consultants hold top government security clearances, are considered industry experts and relied upon to maintain some of the largest systems in the federal government.


Cybersecurity Operations

Our cybersecurity and network management solutions offer a full range of services to protect and certify mission-critical information and identify and deflect all types of penetration attempts.

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Enterprise Network Services

With over 17 years of IT service delivery, we provide our customers with unsurpassable talent, proven and effective leadership, and technical processes to manage the most complex projects.

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Enterprise Cloud Accelerators

Modular turn-key solutions that enable organizations to quickly and painlessly deploy secure mission critical applications to the cloud infrastructure of their choice.

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 Seaport-E Contract

Haystax NetCentrics’ is a SeaPort-e prime contractor #N00178-14-D-7411. See more on our SeaPort-e page.


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Department of Defense


Restore computer systems as quickly as possible after 9/11 attacks

Above and Beyond on 9/12

If you can remember the news of the terrorist attack on 9/11, you”ll remember where you were when you heard the news. For many people at the Pentagon, 9/12 is almost as memorable as 9/11, because that’s the day our NetCentrics team began restoring computer systems that were destroyed on 9/11.

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Above and Beyond on 9/12

There are few dates that are more memorable than 9/11/2001. Almost anyone who was alive on that day can remember the fateful news of the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. For many people at the Pentagon, 9/12 is almost as memorable as 9/11, because that’s the day Haystax NetCentrics began restoring computer systems that were destroyed in the plane crash on 9/11.

After the crash, our staff remained on duty at the Pentagon and as soon as the Fire Department allowed them access to the building on 9/12, they reentered the data center and began work to bring computer systems back on line, fighting power outages, fire, smoke, darkness, water and other challenges that kept many people away.

By the end of the day, September 12, The Headquarters Department for the Army (HQDA) was back online, due to the exceptional work of our team. Many of our staff were recognized with civilian awards for their efforts to restore critical information systems for the Army. While most of our work isn’t as daunting or as dangerous, we constantly go above and beyond to ensure our clients can do the important work that they need to do.

Our philosophy is to protect the things that people value most. While we weren’t able to defend the Pentagon against an unimagined attack, we were able to recover and restore mission-critical systems as quickly as humanly possible, to ensure our clients were able to get their jobs done.


HQDA – Headquarters, Department of the Army at the Pentagon


Restore computer systems as quickly as possible after the 9/11 attack

Expertise we offered

Systems and network design. Project management.


Working in difficult and dangerous conditions, amid fire, smoke, collapsed walls.

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