School Safety

Know your schools, detect threats sooner and respond faster

Learn MoreEnables school districts and states to catalog their facilities and school security plans, create and update safety assessments, and report incidents and monitor threats in and around their schools.

School Safety Master Data

Collect and manage critical information about every school in a district or state, and build a detailed custom safety profile for each one.

  • Conduct in-depth safety assessments, or do a quick self-assessment, using mobile phone or tablet apps
  • Import emergency plans, blueprints, contact information, photos, etc.
  • Precisely geo-locate each school on a map, with district boundaries

Report Incidents & Track Events

Maintain real-time 'situational awareness' with live mobile reporting of emerging incidents, merged with data on scheduled events.

  • Mobile apps instantly report bullying, gang activity, suspicious packages and much more
  • Evacuation and lockdown drills, and community events like football games and PTA fairs, can be entered in advance
  • Incident and event icons automatically appear at their exact locations on a map

Monitor Threats & Risks

Visualize and keep up with emerging threat activity in and around schools using news, public safety, social media and other digital feeds.

  • Combines 'big data' analytics and natural language processing to filter out all but the highest priority data
  • Search concepts are tailored to the school community's requirements
  • Feeds and other data are displayed on a single screen for clearer visualization

Standards Based

Adheres to commonly accepted incident management standards while accounting for the unique aspects of each school district

Unified Environment

Enables school safety planning and operations within a single integrated environment, viewable by all authorized stakeholders

Available from Anywhere

Secure anytime/anywhere accessibility on a web platform that is scalable from the school district to state to national levels